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Pregnancy & Family Resource Center

Our Mission

Community Center for Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to walking alongside mothers and families facing unplanned pregnancies and saving the life of the unborn. By providing education, counseling, and resources, we help them to thrive before, during, and after the pregnancy. Our desire is to love our neighbors as God commands us and first demonstrated to us through Jesus Christ.

Our organization is driven by our mission to fulfill our duties as Christians. We believe in the value of all human life (born and unborn) and strive to not only provide aid, but to also exhibit Christ through our actions; our assistance is all executed through prayer. 

The Community Center for Life

We exist because of people like you.

The provisions and help we receive is solely funded and resourced from donations by churches, businesses, individuals, and volunteers. Because of all those who elect to help our mission and cause, we’re able to provide new and gently-used baby items, maternity items, and supplies to those who are in need and make a life-saving impact in our community. 

Pregnancy and Family Resource Center

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