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Abortion Information

What you need to know about abortion in Louisiana.

We believe you deserve to make the best-informed decision, so it is important for you to ask questions and explore options. While we do not provide abortion services or referrals for abortion, our trained staff is ready to answer your questions and accurate information abortion and the options you have for your pregnancy in Louisiana.

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Abortion Restrictions in Louisiana

  1. It is against the law for anyone to make you have an abortion.
    (If anyone is trying to force you to have an abortion, contact your local state law enforcement to receive protection from threatened violence or coercion.)
  2. Forcing a minor to have an abortion is considered child abuse. (If this is happening to you, contact the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) at or by calling the Child Protection Hotline 24/7 at (885) 4LA-KIDS [885-452-5437])
  3. The father of your child is required by law to provide child support, even if he does not want to parent. DCFS can help locate the father and help with paternity results. (For more information visit or call the customer service center at 1(888) LAHELPU [888-524-3578])
  4. All methods of abortion are currently banned with exceptions only in cases of lethal fetal anomalies or where the mother’s life or health is severely endangered by her pregnancy.

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