Classes and 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Get equipped to succeed in relationships and in life.

Mentorship Group & 1:1 Mentorship

We offer a variety of educational services to help you through this exciting and potentially scary time. Certain courses allow attendees to earn points that they can use in our Mommy & Me store to shop for baby items, or receive gift cards and other items.

This class, taught by a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, will equip you and your support person to prepare for a positive birth experience and learn techniques that will assist you in the birthing process. Classes take place in January, April, July, and October and run for 6 weeks. Clients are eligible to attend in their third trimester and must become a client of the Community Center for Life to participate.
This class will equip you and your partner to examine your own parenting style and to learn to incorporate the warmth and nurture that children need with effective techniques for discipline. Pregnancy clients in their second trimester and beyond are eligible for this class. Diaper clients are also eligible for this class. You and your partner can earn a gift card for completing the class.
Support After Abortion
Going through an abortion can create a lot of emotions and feelings that can be difficult to navigate alone. It can affect you in ways that you may not expect, and also affect the people around you. We offer a safe space for you to talk about your abortion experience with people who care and understand. ​
We offer small group classes as well as 1:1 mentoring sessions where you can learn how to develop healthy, romantic relationships, and also provide a safe place to talk about your struggles and questions. The classes typically focus on key things to pay attention to when deciding whether to make a long term commitment.
Pregnancy and Family Resource Center

Become a client of the Center. 

Over the course of your pregnancy, you will meet with our caring counselors for four scheduled visits. At every visit, you will receive emotional support and baby items — as well as helpful information about pregnancy, family, raising a baby, and more.

Pregnancy and Family Resource Center

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